A radical and important figure of classical Hollywood, Ida Lupino paved the way for tougher roles for women in front of and behind the camera. With a career spanning almost 50 years on stage and screen, she was noted for portraying controversial characters, gaining her the hard image as theContinue Reading

No two ways about it, 2020 has been an absolute stinker. But seeing as this time of year is traditionally one of giving thanks and being grateful, let’s set aside all the bad stuff and take a moment to consider the many amazing movies which, in spite of everything, haveContinue Reading

The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e collaboration with Critical Role, which allows players to explore the mysterious lands of Wildemount for themselves. It also introduces a number of interesting subclasses, including the Echo Knight. For anyone looking for a powerful Fighter subclass in D&D, theContinue Reading

There is no equivalent to the experience of spending the entire night – from sundown to sun-up – in a bar. It’s the alcoholic imbibing equivalent of a marathon race, where it’s all about pace, recovery and making sure your internal organs don’t pack up before you reach the finishContinue Reading

Marvel Comics is filled with questionable moments that have left readers’ skin crawling thanks to some truly baffling storylines and scenes. However, one of the worst things ever published by Marvel was reminiscent of the publisher’s most controversial moment – as Spider-Man once accidentally hit his pregnant wife, Mary-Jane Watson. The scene thatContinue Reading

Lately it’s felt a little like Pixar have been phoning it in. Their last release Onward, (approximately 20 years ago, in March of this year) was an underwhelming elven adventure starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. Prior to that came two sequels in the form of Toy Story 4 andContinue Reading

Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, being able to go to the cinema has been a rare luxury for many of us this year. Yet that didn’t stop 2020 from producing its fair share of memorable movies. And with all that extra time indoors, there’s been plenty of opportunity to become immersedContinue Reading