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One of the most important aspects of Genshin Impact is having access to the strongest weapons and equipment possible. Players will obtain these items by completing quests for NPCs, defeating very difficult enemies in combat, or even by finding them inside chests out in the world. Players who want to get stronger and survive the harder parts of the game though will want to have access to strong gear and spend the time to level them up further.

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For those players who are trying to give themselves a better chance at dispatching the game’s most difficult enemies, obtaining the best weapons is an absolute must. One perfect example of this is the Skyward Blade, which is extremely difficult to obtain. Players will have to put in quite a bit of effort and have a lot of luck if they hope to acquire this particular item. This guide shows players how to get the Skyward Blade.

While many of the game’s weapons can be obtained as rewards for completing missions or opening chests, sadly it is not quite so simple with the Skyward Blade. Players who want to add this powerful five-star weapon to their collection will instead have to put in the effort of Wishing for it until they have acquired it. The Skyward Blade can be acquired from two different Wish Banners, the Standard Banner and the Weapons Only Banner.

A player’s best bet of snagging the Skyward Blade will want to focus on the Weapons Only Banner as this will maximize their chances of acquiring it. This is because since only weapons can be received, players won’t have to worry about pulling a character instead so it, therefore, reduces the overall pool of items that can appear. It will still most likely take awhile for this weapon to appear, so players will just need to keep spending Intertwined Fates to get pulls from it.

Once the player does manage to get their hands on the Skyward Blade though, they will realize that they have been granted something very special. At its base level, this weapon gives the player an increased Crit Rate, as well as an ability called Skypiercing Might. This skill lasts for 12 seconds after using an elemental burst, which in turn increases attack speed, movement speed, and damage. When fully upgraded though those increases become doubled, which makes this an incredibly formidable weapon.

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Genshin Impact can be played on PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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