Walking Dead Season 10 Teaser Shows Carol & Daryl Taking Different Paths

The Walking Dead season 10 teaser sees Carol and Daryl taking different paths. When The Walking Dead returns to AMC in February, things will be a little different for the zombie drama, as it embarks on a run of six bonus episodes that extend season 10 beyond last year’s supposed finale.

These bonus episodes of course came about due to COVID restrictions, which dictated the show scale back its cast and crew sizes, making it difficult to stage the series’ signature full-on zombie mayhem. But the show is in fact making a virtue out of necessity with these new scaled-back episodes, taking the opportunity to zero in on more character-oriented stories. Recently the show released unusually detailed synopses for the various new bonus installments, revealing that one episode will focus on Negan’s backstory (with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real life wife Hilarie Burton playing Negan’s wife Lucille), while another addresses Maggie’s return after her long absence. Unsurprisingly, several of the episodes feature Carol and Daryl, the two characters who have become the heart and soul of the series.

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Carol and Daryl are indeed important enough to the Walking Dead universe to score their own upcoming spinoff show, set to debut after season 11 wraps up the main series. But before the two beloved characters team up for their new adventures, it seems they have some lingering conflicts to work through in the remainder of season 10. In the fifth of the upcoming episodes, entitled “Diverged,” the two literally reach a fork in the road and go their separate ways. A new table read clip released as a teaser shows the moment when Carol and Daryl’s paths diverge, leaving their relationship very much up in the air. See the clip in the space below (via Walker Grimes):

The “Diverged” episode synopsis asks the question of Carol and Daryl, “Will their individual journeys be the tipping point needed to mend their friendship or is the distance between them permanent?” Fans of course know that the distance between them is indeed not permanent, as it’s already been revealed that the two will get their own spinoff show. But since Daryl and Carol are both known to be loner types (Daryl’s long self-exile in the woods after Rick’s disappearance will also be addressed in an upcoming episode), it’s no surprise to see the two of them splitting up one more time before they eventually come back together to resume their eternally platonic friendship.

It remains to be seen exactly what causes Carol and Daryl to split up in the new episode, but season 10 already saw the characters very much at odds, after Daryl objected to Carol endangering the group as she obsessively pursued revenge against Alpha for Henry’s death. Alpha of course has been dispatched now thanks to Carol’s accomplice Negan, a situation that arguably only makes things more tense, as Negan is not someone who is entirely trusted by other members of the group. These conflicts and more will begin to be addressed when The Walking Dead season 10 returns to AMC on February 28, 2021.

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Source: The Walking Dead (via Walker Grimes/YouTube)

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